In this week’s article we will look at how to set up a fresh installation of Umbraco on your local machine. We will be create a v8.11.1 Umbraco installation and connecting it to a local SQL Server database. For this tutorial I will be working on a Windows machine as currently Umbraco is not 100 percent working on .NET Core. For you to do this you will also need a Windows computer which Visual Studio Community and SQL Server Developer editions at a minimum.

Creating the project

Once you have opened Visual Studio we need to create a blank MVC ASP.NET Web Application…

Are you a beginner on cloud Development and want to start learning ? I have compiled some tips that will hopefully help you get started and look out for some common misconceptions:

  • Sign up to courses for your chosen cloud platform
  • Sign up to a free cloud trial. Most of the big cloud providers like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure give you a $300 credit to try the service for a year.
  • Create services and see how they can be used to save you money and increase performance
  • Use cloud services calculators to estimate costs
  • Turn off services you create…

Git merge conflicts can be an absolute pain. Sometimes despite your best efforts you end up with conflicts when you create a Pull Request (PR) with your new feature. Just when you think you have finished with the current Product Backlog Item you have to go back and fix conflicts. It is a common issue especially with larger development teams where there can be several PRs a day. In this article we will have a look at how to best avoid getting conflicts in the first place. …

When it comes to Git branching strategies there are a lot of different ways to tackle. The most important part is to have the entire development team on the same page and following the same rules and guidelines. Consistency is key as it provides a good way to audit trail changes and have a good way of seeing what task caused what change.

In this article we will look at best practice tips that you could employ in your development team’s strategy. Please take these tips and adapt them to fit your release cycle and coding practices.

Environments matching branches

If you are…

When coding it is easy to end up in a situation where the code is difficult to read by other developers or hard to maintain and make changes too. In this article I will provide you with some tips that will hopefully allow you think differently when writing code which will help you make your code more readable and maintainable.


Here are some tips you can use when trying to name a variable, method, class or anything else.

  • When choosing variable names try to have logical names instead abbreviations.

Instead of doing something like this:

As the fastest growing desktop operating system (OS), Chrome OS has started to mature and become an OS that is extremely versatile. What started as the Chrome Browser only device has morphed into an operating system that has Linux, Android and Progressive Web Application (PWA) baked in. This has made Chrome OS one of the most enjoyable to use OSs while giving power users the ability to create things.

In this article you will learn how you can use your Chromebook for coding and creating things like websites, mobile apps and much more. …

In the year 2021 everyone carries around some sort of mobile device with them. Chances are you always have on of these with you: phone, tablet or laptop.

According to IDC , Android has over 80% of the mobile market share. In this article we will look at the tools we can use to code applications directly on our phones, tablets or Chromebooks.

A lot of people assume that coding is a right reserved to doing on a laptop. While there are obvious benefits to using a laptop for coding like screen size, power and better IDE support. …

A very commonly used acronym amongst different groups of people are CMS systems. While the acronym can have many definitions, for this article we will be talking about Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows you the content manager to create and manage content that you can easily distribute to your users. The most common example of a content management system is a blog. You write a story and then distribute to users reading your blog. In fact Medium is a sort of CMS system for article writers.

One of the most popular such platforms is WordPress. In fact it…

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