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  • Lorenzo Gorini

    Lorenzo Gorini

  • Paul Knulst

    Paul Knulst

    Husband, father of two, geek, lifelong learner, tech lover & software engineer. Writing about projects and challenges in IT.

  • James Schnebly

    James Schnebly

    Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Rey


    Software Engineer | Occasional Tech writer

  • Jordan Kovacsik

    Jordan Kovacsik

    A curious author, humbled daily.

  • Green newdreams

    Green newdreams

    Writing to find my space.

  • Sana Naz

    Sana Naz

    MPhil Chemistry, Research Scholar, Freelance Writer, Poetizer, & A Lover of the Universe.

  • Whatsapp Groups

    Whatsapp Groups

    On this website ( Everyone gets these types of groups Telegram groups, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, and more type groups.

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